I’ve been podcasting since 2009 and was heavily influenced by the video game industry since I was working for Electronic Arts at the time. This is when I first created Knights of the Video Game Table Podcast with three friends. Since then, I have either been a part of 10 podcasts, 5 of which I was main host in charge of both content and the technical aspects.

During my time as a podcaster, I have developed skills in sound editing, RSS, WordPress Podcasting, Libsyn Podcasting, YouTube Podcasting, and Podcasting directories. I also have experience marketing podcasts through blogs and social media.

Other Podcast’s I’ve been a part of:

  • Nerdgasm Network: Helped get them started and guest hosted many times.
  • The Writer’s Struggle: Now defunct, this was a solo podcast I ran for about 30 episodes.
  • 8-Bit Sages: Now defunct, this was an offshoot of Knights of the Video Game Table Podcast focusing on retro gaming. I was responsible for all aspects of the podcast. It lasted about 20 episodes.
  • Paranormal Pativity Podcast: Guest host and help him get started.

While I am not currently actively running any podcasts, below are the websites for ones that are still available. I was main host and in charge of editing/posting/marketing on all of those.