Content Marketing & Copywriting
I have been writing online articles for the past 15 years and have done so professionally for the past 3. Since starting to write professionally, I have written copy for many websites and physical publications that range from poetry and fiction to technology blogging and more serious topics, such as mental health.

I am a firm believer that creativity and storytelling are important parts of all writing, both fiction and non-fiction. As a content marketing specialist, I have learned how to tell a story that will draw audiences in.

While my subject specialty revolves around the publishing industry (writing/editing/publishing/marketing) and the video game industry, I have experience writing about a multitude of subjects. GIve me a topic and I’ll be able to produce high-quality, engaging copy.

My experience is not limited to online articles. I have also written and published fiction stories, managed email newsletters, and produced multiple podcasts over the past 9 years.

Recent Copywriting.

Examples of written content:



Websites I have recently published on:

  • Business of Apps (Contributor/Partner articles)
  • Gummicube (Tech industry blog articles)
  • SPD StoryStudio (Site content & blog articles)
  • Heavenly Times (Blog articles)
  • Mortgage First (Site content + blog article)
  • Synergy Property Solutions (Site content)
  • Moby Affiliates (Contributor/Partner articles)



Other topics I have written about:

  • Mobile & App Marketing
  • PC & Video Games
  • Technology (Hardware & Software)
  • Hot Tubs, Swim Spas, & Pools
  • Home Mortgages
  • Roofing, Air Conditioning, & Heating
  • Travel Guide (Hawaii)
  • Family and Solo Counseling
  • Mental Health


While I cannot share links to some of the above-written content, if you’d like more information on my work in any of these areas, please contact me.

Content Management.

Websites I currently manage content on:




Websites I have managed content on in the past:

  • Gummicube
  • The Watering Hole Literary Magazine (No longer active)
  • Almost Relevant Podcast (No longer active)
  • A Writers Struggle (No longer around)