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I went to college with the intent of becoming an educator and have 3 years experience as a teacher, 4 as a tutor, 1 as a High School Essay Editor, and about 6 months as a High School > College Counselor. I also helped the Malaysian government with their educational reform (Genovasi)! Even though my career path has transitioned from education, teaching, tutoring, and coaching others is a very important part of my life.

My experience as a middle school teacher with Citizen Schools and the time I spent teaching kindergarteners at Genius Kids changed my life. It made me realize how important it is to have a high-quality education and for children to have an adult other than their family who truly cares about their education and their future.

More recently, I worked for HS2 Academy as both a Counselor and Essay Editor. This experience was unlike my other education experience, not only due to the age group I worked with, but also seeing the direct impact of helping students get into the college of their dreams.

Knowing that I changed lives for the better was the biggest motivator I’ve ever experienced.

Even after leaving the education world, I continued as a tutor for a range of ages up through high school and eventually translated that into tutoring college students and coaching professionals.

I have experience tutoring in a range of subjects, from elementary math and science to high school history and Ph.D. level English, literature, and writing. 


I am currently open to the following tutoring jobs:

  • Elementary School:
    • All Standard Subjects
  • Middle and High School:
    • History/Social Studies
    • English/Language Arts
    • Business Studies
    • Math up to Algebra
    • Science up to Biology
  • College and Beyond:
    • Literature
    • English
    • Creative Writing
    • Business
    • Marketing
  • Non-Standard Subjects (All Ages):
    • Computer Science (Theory, Python, C++)
    • Web Design (HTML, CSS, Javascript)
    • CMS (WordPress, MODX, Others)
    • Resume Building
    • All Forms of Writing

If you’d like more information on my experience in these areas, please contact me.

Interested in a subject not listed? Contact me.


I am currently open to hourly/bulk coaching in the following areas:

  • Writing
    • Fiction/Non-Fiction Writing
    • Fiction/Non-Fiction Publishing
    • Fiction/Non-Fiction Marketing
    • SEO Copywriting
  • Marketing
    • Social Media Marketing
    • Search Engine Optimization
    • Other Organic Marketing
  • Web Design/Web Apps
    • UX/UI
    • SEO
    • Formatting
    • Concept
    • HTML/CSS
    • WordPress